Thanks to all!  I am grateful to all those individuals who have supported me over the years and continue to be there for me in my journey. Without my teaching, coaching and life experiences in general, I would not be doing what I do, so .. I say again for those who have been a “Part” in this journey, who continue to be a “part ” in this journey and for those unknown to the journey just yet- Thank you !!!


April, 2014

Michele Dunleavy is an amazing woman. I have never met another individual who is more positive and spiritual than her. Mrs. Dunleavy was my gym teacher my junior year of high school and we seemed to click very easily. She was  easy-going and relaxed, even with a small class of high schoolers at 7:30 in the morning, she was as chipper as can be. She was ALWAYS smiling and never lost her marbles in any situation. I even had the pleasure of babysitting her children and interning with her for a little while in high school. Senior year really solidified to me what an awesome person Mrs. Dunleavy was. She had created a Stress Management course that you could take, and it sounded cool so I gave it a shot. I probably learned more useful information in that class than I did in any health class,or regular education class for that matter. We talked about how it is all about perception in life and how we perceive things is really what matters. In class we had a handful of overworked seniors who definitely need a chill pill and to learn to relax and just go with the flow with positive energy. If you remind yourself that it is all about perspective and perception enough times, you really start to understand what the words mean. Mrs. Dunleavy really helped me to understand what those words meant. We learned about different massage techniques and even went to the park and spa for a day to pamper ourselves and get rid of the negative energy. Mrs. Dunleavy truly did inspire me to always keep my head up and to keep on smiling. A little over a year ago I was diagnosed with cancer and really didn’t know how to take it. Recently I thought I was going to be deemed cancer free, but now I might have to get surgery again. Knowing that I will be okay and to just keep swimming is something that I wouldn’t have learned, or really understood without Mrs. Dunleavy. Without her I wouldn’t be able to realize, that at least I am alive, healthy, feeling good and able to proceed with my normal daily activities. It’s okay to stop and smell the roses, take a few minutes to get your zen on, and more importantly it is okay to stop what you are doing and get some fresh air. Mrs. Dunleavy is one of the most zen people I know and is always throwing positive energy my way. I can’t thank her enough for everything that she’s done for me. Such an awesome woman! Rock on Mrs. D!


-Kacie Nemeth,

Class of 2009 PAHS, Former Student

2013 Clarion University Graduate-Education 4-8 Math/Coaching Minor



“I was a girl with low self -esteem who couldn’t realize the potential she had.”

I have known Michele Dunleavy, Coach D, since I was 13 years old. I am now 21. We have been through the good and the bad. She was always there through every difficult and amazing experience I’ve had. When so many doubted me, when I wanted to go to college and play basketball, Michele was there. She pushed me to be the greatest I could be and not settle for anything less. She has always been a positive influence in my life. She taught me to think long term about my life and learn from the mistakes I have made. She helped me get into and become a member of the women’s basketball team at Cabrini College. Now, I am at the end of my junior year as an elementary and special education major and going to enter my fourth season on the women’s basketball team. I will forever be grateful to her. She is such an amazing woman who can inspire and mentor many others.

Amber Keys- PAHS Class of 2011

Cabrini College Class of 2015- Dual Major- Elementary/Special Education



From a Parent’s Perspective:

Michele Dunleavy is the kind of adult/teacher/coach/mentor you want to have in your child’s “camp”. My daughter (and I) first came in contact with “Coach D” when she joined the middle school basketball team in 7th grade. From the that time on through graduation, Coach D. was one of the most positive and encouraging influences that my daughter encountered throughout her school experience, on and off of the court. She believed in my daughter’s abilities/potential and made sure that both of us knew it. Coach D. saw the potential in every student/athlete with whom she came in contact AND adjusted her approach to meet the individual needs of each. It was clear to see that she approached each student/player with whom she connected from the standpoint of “what does he/she bring to the table?” and “how can I help him/her grow”? She applauded their hard work, challenged them to move beyond their comfort zones, pushed them to set goals and supported them in their efforts to achieve/surpass those goals. Michele’s enthusiasm for life and her passion for helping others to fully realize their potential are contagious! As a teacher and coach, she has had a tremendous impact on the lives of countless young people….there is no doubt that she will continue to positively influence those with whom she comes in contact in the future.

B. Schuck- Stover

PAHS Parent


Being a past student of Mrs. Dunleavy, I have seen her methods and lessons in full swing. I learned them and have truly see them bring happiness and peace to my everyday life. Being someone who suffers from anxiety, Mrs. Dunleavy is an enthusiastic, caring person who wants everyone to succeed in enjoying their life. I brought her to my fraternity to show our new members how crucial issues such as -time management, organization, and “saying no” – really are extremely important. With laughs and great examples, Mrs. Dunleavy always ceases to amaze me in her profound education and love for people.

Ryan Schaefer-former student

PAHS Class on 2012

West Chester University, Class of 2016




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