Simplify Your Stress includes a variety of workshops available for multiple audiences. All members of a school setting, including students, teachers, parents, coaches,support staff, and administrators can benefit greatly by utilizing these workshops simply by identifying their most important needs. Equally, all members of the corporate world, medical fields, health services and retail services can  benefit from these workshops just by zeroing in on one, or two crucial topics where attention is necessary.

Plain and simple- stress reduction can improve productivity, enhance relationships, increase learning and provide a positive sense of well-being. This is a PLUS  for the entire workforce and school community. Choosing that first topic that you believe could be the most needed is the first challenge and the first hurdle to get the ball rolling. Truthfully, they are all “connected” in some way and once you select one topic, you will quickly discover how another can relate.

In essence these workshops apply to all of us no matter where we work, or do not work because we all deal with and interact with people, places and things on a daily basis; therefore, stress is going to exist. All of the programs described below can be tailored for a half-day, full day or multi-day program

We also offer a 90 minute, or 2 hour session that provides a “snapshot” of the some of the more common topics  of the program. We can also focus on 1 topic of interest  for your needs and go into depth with it for your benefit.


“WORK – UPS”-  This a new avenue for SimplifyYourStress, yet it is not unheard of , nor unusual in corporate America. These are just what they sound like- actions to utilize at work to lift you up, bring you up and do the same for those around you. Just as you do a push -up, a chin-up, a pull-up, or a sit-up for physical, mental and emotional benefits, so too can you do “Work- Ups” to acquire the same benefits at work!!

**Stay tuned for more details as this material is in high demand and needed in today’s hectic corporate world.

Workshop 1- Stress 101

*Basics Built to Last – the must know material to get started

* Where does it come from, why do we need it? It is here to stay!

* Where do your stress levels  rank? Are you even aware?

*  Identify your “triggers” for stress – Discover and determine what makes you go “haywire” and why??


Workshop 2- Stress and your Brain

* Brain Power and Stress- Let’s look inside, learn and live better 🙂

* Emotions gone awry= STRESS!!  Get a grip now!

* The Power of Knowledge, the ability “TO DO!”


Workshop 3- Parents, Kids and Stress -TODAY!

* Let’s talk about my R.A.R.E method

* Communication is a two-way street, are you listening?

* Who is doing all the talking?


Workshop 4- Stress and Time Management

* Inspect your daily routine- what have we here?

* Time is a valuable commodity-  do not waste it, create more of it.

* Time management tips for teens and adults

* More “ME” time can = a less-stressed, rejuvenated individual.


Workshop 5- The Power of Perception-the Key that unlocks many doors

* Exercise that brain power for personal benefits

* Perception is 9/10 of life, what is yours?

* Let’s talk about self-esteem

* If you know so much, then why are you doing nothing?


Workshop 6 – Stress, Nutrition and Exercise-Connect the Dots

* Do you use food to comfort yourself when stressed, or do you avoid it when stressed?

* Stress eating, the “vicious cycle” and the damage it can do to your body.

*Exercise, exercise, it’s so good for you! Move it and feel better now!


Workshop 7- Stress and Bullying/Intimidation/Self-Esteem

* Was stress there at the time and you didn’t recognize it?

* Did you react, respond, or simply…do nothing in silence?

* Self-esteem then…and now. Is there a difference?


Workshop 8- Stress and your Environment

* Let’s take a tour of your surroundings – home, school, work, neighborhood.

* What to do, how to approach it and make it better.

* Face it? Avoid it? Both are choices and both are acceptable options.


Workshop 9- Stress and Humor/ Music Therapy

* What laughter does to you physiologically, psychologically?

* You have a choice to laugh or cry and both are healthy

* What does listening to music, making music, singing with music and dancing to music do for us physically and psychologically?

* Why do you listen to music, sing to music, dance to music??? Think about it….

* Put the two together-  Stress relief at its finest and simple to achieve.

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