Food for Thought

Bananas are yummy, beneficial and help combat stress among other health issues. Check out this article and get eating those bananas.


The best protein source on the planet, eggs consistently outrank milk, beef, whey, and soy in the quality of protein they provide. In addition to containing all nine essential amino acids, eggs are loaded with nutrients. “And for God’s sake, eat the yolks,” says Bowden. People avoid the yolks because they fear cholesterol, but egg yolks contain choline, which helps protect heart and brain function and prevents cholesterol and fat from accumulating in the liver.

AND…the yolks contain all sorts of B vitamins which we need for energy, so eat up!! Eggs can be eaten many ways, get creative, have an omelet, or a wrap, or a sandwich and add some cheese, garlic, kale , garlic nd salsa to that!!! So much to do with eggs….more ideas to follow.

I encourage sharing your recipes as well!

Chocolate Lovers- Dark is the way to go!!

Check out this article and feel better each time you need a “sweet pick-me-up.” Sure, it takes some getting adjusted to the initial bitterness of the dark chocolates that are over 70% Cacoa; however, the nutritional and psychological benefits are astounding!! And for those of you who don’t count every calorie and exercise daily- add some natural peanut butter with it to make it even more healthy and delicious!  Go ahead, dip it in the jar! It’s all good!


Hey everyone- try this protein packed delicious, crunchy snack that packs a punch with all nine essential amino acids. You know those building blocks we need to build muscle. Yep, right here , 14 grams in a quarter cup serving and they are awesome plain, by the handful , or toss in yogurt, or top your salad. Even better, why not mix them with some dark chocolate, a handful of raisins and boom! You just made a unique trail mix that is healthy and tastes good. Oh, and there is no cholesterol, no trans fat and a mere  .5 grams of saturated fat ( the bad kind). DOUBLE, DELICIOUS – double the reasons to give them a whirl, give it a go- go edamame.!!


More is better when it comes to how often you eat each day

Do you eat 3 “square” meals a day? Who even coined that term and why? As a firm believer in keeping healthy the old school way, “eat right, exercise daily and get enough rest”, I do go against the grain on the 3 square meals a day concept.

Why? Plain and simple when I eat well, which means eating protein at each meal, some fruit or veggies, a grain product and dairy product in recommended portions guess what?  I am hungry in another 2 hours!! That is right, I am hungry when I do not load myself up with fats and processed sugary products.  I need to EAT AGAIN!!! My body tells me this when my stomach growls and I feel weak, or get a headache.LITERALLY LISTEN to your body!! It talks to you and gives you signals when it is shutting down , or slowing down. Also, when it needs food( not WANTS food, that is different and that is controlled by emotions) and you do not provide it with food/energy, nourishment….it gets more hungry and you, the person gets more upset, more irritable, more stressed and more prone to argue, disagree…. THIS can very easily lead to more stress for you, so take my advice eat 3 meals a day and eat 2 snacks a day, maybe 3  and figuratively speaking “graze like a cow.” You will feel better, maintain a consistent blood sugar level and not ever be starving.  More to follow on the exact foods to eat and snacks to satisfy you quickly :)




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