Hey there!

This is a page about me, Michele Dunleavy, the founder of http://www.SimplifyYourStress.com and the programs I offer. I am an educator, a  coach and a mentor with 22 years of experience in the classroom and on the sidelines.  Yes,  I was a point guard all those years and I have a keen perception of things in life with a passion to “set-up” others to succeed. What I aim to achieve is simple – educate and help others to be “less stressed” in their daily living, in an easy- going fashion.

That’s it, plain and simple. Through education, “real-life ” application and modifying one’s way of viewing situations, people, places and things, one CAN learn to change their behaviors, and the end result- better CONTROL OF ONE”S STRESS. Stress is a part of life and it is here to stay, so WHY NOT  learn about it, how to combat it, contain it, perhaps even control it???

SimplifyYourStress  is about opening one’s mind to new ways of thinking. It all starts with the thought process and the way one, a perceive things in life. Once one grasps the power of perception and the amount of control one actually has over his/her thought processes, everything else becomes that much more simplified. As a result one  can better understand personal behaviors and choices. Once this self-discovery takes place, you can choose to make perception changes and behavior changes accordingly.  It’s all learning, applying, opening new doors and taking control. One can control stress and contain it. It does not need to control you!

Why not take that step forward, open the door to learning about yourself and take action?? What is holding you back? If you want to be less stressed you need to learn about stress, what makes it necessary for living,  and yet still so difficult to manage?? I stumbled upon all this knowledge via one graduate course and soon I realized that there were several things  I was doing right and so many things that I was doing wrong. These “wrong” things were things that I could control and I decided to start to take control of them to make my life better and myself happier. From that point many things became everyday habits for  me, from actions, to word choice to perception.  I noticed that I was teaching, mentoring and motivating students, athletes, co-workers, friends, acquaintances and family on a regular basis; I was enthralled by it!  I was comfortable and confident in this role. This is what I do , what I believe and what I enjoy.

So, here I am… doing what I ultimately do best,  Educate and Speak in a dynamic, authentic way.  I am a teacher by nature and I believe I am a speaker by choice and perhaps by default( it goes with the territory to an extent).  To be well, to be happy and fulfilled is a personal goal and to help others reach this point  is a goal as well. The 2 goals go hand- in hand and compliment one another.

In a simple, little nutshell(say an almond) Simplifyyourstress’ motto and mantra is: “Think Well, Act Well, Be Well.”