” To Be , or Not To Be”- that is the question….

….As I drove our son back towards home after his fall ball baseball game, and after I had already driven him to and from a friend’s CYO football game and to the fall ball game( are you still with me here), I got a call from our older son….REALLY???

“Hey Mom, whatcha doing?” Blah, blah, I update him. He asks. “Well, no one is around right now, so could you take me to  the skatepark?”( which is 7-8 miles on the other side of town).

OMG!! I really am a Taxi at this stage of the game of parenting!!! No, cannot be happening. Of course  I say “Yes, not a problem,, give me 10-15 minutes to get your brother home…” I proceed to be short and sassy and have some choice, not so appropriate words with our younger son as I recognize that I am “really a taxi cab!!” “What has happened here and why am I so pissy and annoyed??” is what I am saying to myself. The answer- my taxiing and parenting are getting in the way of my “personal interests” , meaning, getting a good solid bike ride in while the sun is warm and the winds are low on this fine fall Saturday. I identify it all, apologize to the younger son for my harsh words in the car( because he was saying, “Whoa Mom and alrighty then Mom.”  I go , I drop off one, throw some lunch in the toaster oven and pick up the other one. I then gather my thoughts, my perspective and drove along….to get the other, older one.

I had an excellent bike ride. The sun was still shining, the traffic was minimal, the winds were not so bad and I thought to myself again- “really Michele?  To Be, or Not To Be—–STRESSED.”  That is the question… and the answer is- NO!! Not at all, not worth it and simply unnecessary.

It’s all good, if you “choose” to make it good.

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