” To Be , or Not To Be”- that is the question….

….As I drove our son back towards home after his fall ball baseball game, and after I had already driven him to and from a friend’s CYO football game and to the fall ball game( are you still with me here), I got a call from our older son….REALLY???

“Hey Mom, whatcha doing?” Blah, blah, I update him. He asks. “Well, no one is around right now, so could you take me to  the skatepark?”( which is 7-8 miles on the other side of town).

OMG!! I really am a Taxi at this stage of the game of parenting!!! No, cannot be happening. Of course  I say “Yes, not a problem,, give me 10-15 minutes to get your brother home…” I proceed to be short and sassy and have some choice, not so appropriate words with our younger son as I recognize that I am “really a taxi cab!!” “What has happened here and why am I so pissy and annoyed??” is what I am saying to myself. The answer- my taxiing and parenting are getting in the way of my “personal interests” , meaning, getting a good solid bike ride in while the sun is warm and the winds are low on this fine fall Saturday. I identify it all, apologize to the younger son for my harsh words in the car( because he was saying, “Whoa Mom and alrighty then Mom.”  I go , I drop off one, throw some lunch in the toaster oven and pick up the other one. I then gather my thoughts, my perspective and drove along….to get the other, older one.

I had an excellent bike ride. The sun was still shining, the traffic was minimal, the winds were not so bad and I thought to myself again- “really Michele?  To Be, or Not To Be—–STRESSED.”  That is the question… and the answer is- NO!! Not at all, not worth it and simply unnecessary.

It’s all good, if you “choose” to make it good.

It’s all good ….if you Pay Attention, to your Attention.

Entrepreneur- PAY ATTENTION!

So, have I got your attention??? Am I even close to getting there?  I’d like you to get a hold of it and think about  your “attention.” You know that thing that takes up our brain space and  divides your thoughts and actions. As I once said to many a highschool students- “Where is your attention? What is  getting your attention? What holds your attention?” You can  only imagine the responses I received,

Let’s learn to “pay attention to our attention,” I would suggest. Yes, they often looked at me with 3 heads, like “what is she talking about?” how can we possibly “pay attention to our attention?” Well, I am here to tell you can.  You can focus, you can discover exactly “what” it is that you pay attention to and let your mind, thoughts and actions be consumed by on a daily basis. You can then alter your perception of these things( I don’t need to go on twitter or FB every 10 minutes, there is nothing that important there), make changes  in behaviors and consequently control and lower your stress with these actions. Make sense right??

So… what are we waiting for????….do I need some bizarre, “attention -getting behavior” to get your attention?? Some crazy antic to get you shaking, moving, changing and living less stressed with less things taking up your valuable brain space and cluttering your brain closet??? Yes, your brain is like a closet and it can be clean or cluttered, focused or “scatter- brained.” You can decide this, you can solve this problem and minimize it very easily. Take time to read the article I suggest- “Pay Attention” ( http://.www.drhallowell.com/blog/pay-attention-dr-h) in the Sept. 2014 issue of Entrepreneur to gain some insight, knowledge and motivation . It can help you “get it together”, and do more effectively by actually doing less. Big hint- multi- tasking is not really something that is worth “BRAGGING RIGHTS” if you learn about how the brain functions best, just saying.

So, take time ( 2-5 minutes) to connect to the link, read through it, think about your attention and then make some choices, changes in your behaviors. Particularly changes with technology ( cell phone, notebook, laptop, ipod, Bluetooth…)for starters and go from there. Make it happen, make adjustments to lessen the time your mind is multi-tasking and give it a “rest.” Rest is good for thy brain and helps it to function more efficiently when called in for intense duty. Stop reading now and go to the link to learn more, then apply to your life and behaviors- for you and about you. This sentence is winding down and it should be leaving your attention about now as you move on to the article….ready, set, go.

It takes seconds….

It’s all good, if you make it good.