There is still time…Simple acts of Kindness

As I was contemplating a post late last week about the value of time and one of our biggest battles- time management, I began to think of all the “extra, and spare” time we have  which “seems little and miniscule.”   Suddenly, I had an idea and  I thought of this for simple motivation and gratification in our hectic, pressured lives.   If we act swiftly, kindly and generously we can make this  “extra, little, and miniscule” time BIG, POWERFUL ,IMPORTANT and personally UPLIFTING!

So, I share with you a great article, “Simple Acts of Kindness”   from Good Housekeeping,

This article provides and plants 50  ideas in our minds  to “give- and get -joy” , to make our day and make someone else’s day. As Winston Churchill said, ” We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” I personally like several, yet #5, #9 and # 47 seem like easy, “no-brainers” for me and make me feel good just thinking about them. Yeah, it’s that simple.

I’ll get back to that time management stuff, another day. No time for that one, right now, today….

“It’s all good, if you make it good.”

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