There is still time…Simple acts of Kindness

As I was contemplating a post late last week about the value of time and one of our biggest battles- time management, I began to think of all the “extra, and spare” time we have  which “seems little and miniscule.”   Suddenly, I had an idea and  I thought of this for simple motivation and gratification in our hectic, pressured lives.   If we act swiftly, kindly and generously we can make this  “extra, little, and miniscule” time BIG, POWERFUL ,IMPORTANT and personally UPLIFTING!

So, I share with you a great article, “Simple Acts of Kindness”   from Good Housekeeping,

This article provides and plants 50  ideas in our minds  to “give- and get -joy” , to make our day and make someone else’s day. As Winston Churchill said, ” We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” I personally like several, yet #5, #9 and # 47 seem like easy, “no-brainers” for me and make me feel good just thinking about them. Yeah, it’s that simple.

I’ll get back to that time management stuff, another day. No time for that one, right now, today….

“It’s all good, if you make it good.”


Yes, ironically that is a pill bottle. Can we NOT solve this stress epidemic more simply?





I came across this article months ago and I am finally  sharing it with all of you in case you missed it. It does a phenomenal job of breaking down this whole “stress” issue into smaller, more digestible pieces. From the knot in the author’s back, to the amount of money spent and taken in by the yoga industry( US- 27 billion a year) to the pharmaceutical companies( Xanax alone is 44.4 million monthly prescriptions) to the very basic fact that we now can live long enough to “see what happens when the stress response is  continually stuck at ON.

Great informative , resourceful read that captures a bulk of information regarding stress and perhaps taking a new approach towards it. How about we use that brain of ours, that is a great idea!!! The brain is the key, the starting point according to these doctors and I could not agree more. Can it really be this simple? Quick and easy? Does” the power lie with our own minds?”

I do believe this piece is directly related to’s  approach, which is to Alter your perception first.

Enjoy the read! ” It’s all good, if you make it good.”

Sunday morning senses stimulated – Mind clearing

What a way to start the day. So much to see, smell, hear… Experience. The aromas from various foods is incredible. I have asked myself for several weeks- “how can I transfer all these amazing aromas I breathe I on my shore rides?”. We have donuts and pastries from Wards and Mallons, and  bacon, eggs and pancakes from Bill’s Pancake House. And of course salt, sea,and swampy air from  the ocean and the bay. Absolutely spectacular all around as the sounds of the ocean water lapping up against the rocks and on the shoreline truly brings “peace of mind” to one.

All of this taken in on one of my cycling adventures. Fresh air, sweat, heartbeat a pounding and just an ” oh so good” feeling .Experiences like this tend to inspire and simply make the body and the mind feel great. It’s a time for uninterrupted thinking as well as exercising, socializing to a point and spreading a little “kindness and smiles” to all. A great way to start a day and get it rolling in a positive direction. Sure it is “me time”, yet it is also “others time” because the  positive, grateful feelings and thoughts that are stimulated, triggered, are expressed throughout the day and “others” reap the benefits.

It’s all good, if YOU make it good.

Now, if I can just get the video I took today to properly download to my laptop so that I can easily upload it to my site media library!!! Lol  my friends, stay tuned for another day.

How about a cool pic instead? For now.Aug.Ambeachview

“Stop choking the Wheel!”…How about we apply the ABC’s to this common stressor


All too often I listen to people talk about and complain about driving and traffic in general. For crying out loud- just observe, take a look at the people driving around you- to your left and to your right( because you don’t want to look behind you and well,, you cannot get a great look at the person in front of you). What do you see? OMG!I point it out to my sons all the time- “Look at this one. She is so close to the steering wheel that it might swallow her.”  “Look at this guy. He has the ” double vise grip” on the top of the wheel, how can the wheel breathe, I mean move?.” Look over here at this lady, she has the “double vice grip” and the “hunchback syndrome”, this is just not good.” “Wait, lastly we have the guy so close to the wheel it practically touches his stomach, his hands are tightly situated at 9 and 3, his head is  leaning forward and he is squinting? What is he looking for? A squirrel to run over, an accident or an ant?” Folks, driving does NOT have to be a stressful experience, some of us choose to make it that way. Regardless of traffic situations, you still control your thoughts, you perception of it, how you behave( respond to it) and ultimately how you control the whole situation , the stress.

Driving is a means of transportation, it gets us to where we want, or need to physically go- work, supermarket, bank, hair salon, sporting events, restaurants… the shore. Even if you take a train into the city for work, you still have to get to the train station, unless you are fortunate enough to be within walking distance.You get my point- driving is here to stay until we can teleport, or be like the Jetsons ( which isn’t very safe in my mind). So…let’s take a take a different approach here.

Let’s go with Aalter our perception of it. Driving can be viewed as a “little trip” or a “big trip” and either way. You are in control of it all, yes you are, plain and simple I believe one of the reasons that I enjoy driving is because…I AM IN CONTROL( for the most part). I cannot control the reactions others, yet I can be a defensive driver and be prepared and ready to respond quickly and efficiently. I enjoy driving because I view it as “ME TIME”, it is me handling a vehicle, me having peace and quiet, or good conversation with family, me listening to MY music, my playlist, me singing if I want to and me being able to think without interruption( depending who is in the car). I am okay with traffic, I will get to where I need to be on time, or not.

Let’s go to B– As a result of my altered perception ( which has been for a good 10 years now) I behave accordingly. I think, I sing, I eat a snack, I  drink coffee or water. I like to have  Trader Joe’s mints (stimulates thinking and concentration, trigeminal nerve) on hand and a Tootsie Pop  too(it lasts longer and tastes good). I like to pass people when the opportunity arises because I like to accelerate. I smile at people, I wave sometimes, I get out and clear my windshield wipers during snowstorms and sing to others. I open my sunroof whenever I want if a great song to me is on and I want to share. I allow to “file in” when merging is involved and I am also assertive when people try to “bully their” way in and cut 10 cars off just to get “ahead” in heavy, slow, moving traffic. No need to get nasty, just smile and casually take you place in line; We are in this ” heavy traffic together”. If I get in a “real jam”, I make a phone call to my destination and allow them to know of my situation that is “out of my control” and they are usually quite understanding and appreciative of the call. Real simple folks- communication  is key here when meetings and agendas are involved. All the more reason to allot appropriate “time tables” to your day and it is something I continually work on and have improved upon over the years. 🙂

Let’s go to CControl you stressor and the stress it can potentially place upon your body and mind. Go back to the first paragraph here and visualize those drivers. Think of the muscle tension they are placing on their neck, their shoulders, their back, their jaw, their eyes, their temple,their brain!! OUCH!!! No wonder they dislike driving , look at the physical stress they are placing on their bodies. It does NOT need to be that way, does it???

Think about it, Relax. Enjoy the drive, allow the wheel to breath, allow the wheel to move freely and smoothly with each turn and change of lanes, sing a song, play the drums on your steering wheel. You are in control, have fun driving folks!

It’s all good , if YOU make it good.