ABC, it’s easy as 1,2,3 or as simple as do-re- me… (Jackson 5)

Plain and simple- take a new approach towards stress . Look at  it in a basic fashion with a simple melody here and some words to “connect” your ABC’s for this method.

Here are the basics:image

A = ALTER your perception(use brain power)

B= choose to change your BEHAVIORS

C= CONTROL your stress in the end

Use these building blocks to help you with all this crazy, hectic, overwhelming stress. Next, you  will need tools , tips , advice , motivation, a listening ear and positive feedback . Sometimes you have to say, ” It ‘s all good, if  YOU make it good.” Visit for details and contact information.


Bright,burning, fiery and fearless.

Firepower image

Think of yourself vs. stress like a burning candle with vibrant colors, power and endurance. Taking control of stress and not allowing it to take hold of you can be easy.

Next time you are faced with some new stressor, or or a daily one- think of this candle, this flame, That’s YOU! Take a step back, tilt your head, get a new perspective on it, change your initial response and take control of the situation at hand for yourself.

Having solid control of your stress is not easy. You may  burn out every once in awhile and feel like it “got you.” It happens, it’s okay. You may “flicker” once in awhile and you go off the course that you hoped for and that happens too,it’s ok. Remember- it’s all good…if you make it good.

Keep it going- bright, burning, fiery and fearless.

Maximize these!

If you could choose 2 positive things in your life and maximize them, expand them, share them, appreciate them what would they be?
Who would benefit from this “maximizinng” behavior?
Perhaps if you do this more often, you can minimize the daily, irritating stressors that seem to engulf you and trap you. Don’t get caught in the web of Stress!!
2012 cool spider web 001

Do the “know-it-alls” annoy you, or disappoint you?” Knowledge is power and the application of knowledge is POWERFUL.” M.Dunleavy


Do you ever get annoyed by people who continually say, ”  Yeah, yeah, I know, I know…??” and often it is  about “something they should be doing.”  This does not annoy me so much as it  disappoints me because they can actually state the actions they should be taking, doing. They “know” them, they are aware of them, yet they choose not to do them; they  struggle with the “doing” part ,the application piece.

This question directly applies to basic stress management.  It seems many people  “know”  a few, or many of the actions they should do to better control their stress; however, they choose not to apply this knowledge. Yes, it is a choice, yes it is a cognitive decision. Yes it is “Oh- So Powerful” if you simply take that knowledge and put it into action. Say ” yes” to the doing part and the application piece . You will be empowered and you will see changes, positive changes.

Once you practice it, exercise it( it is like a muscle) and make these choices, the actions become a habit. It’s  like so many other things in life,  such as brushing your teeth, or riding a bike, once you learn it, you never forget!

Simplifyyourstres.coms  keeps it simple and helps make the process easy.First, seek and acquire the Knowledge, the Power to reduce your stress. Second,  then make it PowerFUL by taking action and using the tools we provide. Stress can be simplified and can be as easy as your ABC’s if you think about it…

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. — Nelson Mandela

This quote says so much of what I aim to do in life.  Along the way I intend to guide, inspire and allow others to see, experience and experiment the many avenues available to reduce their stress. I am compelled to express how easy it can be. I believe  and know that words and  photos can create positives images. Images can last for some time in your brain’s memory and be useful if stimulated often. Why not find some on your own, create your own, borrow some from others or use mine!!

For starters, OPEN yourself to new pathways and do not fear what lies ahead. Instead,  look up and look forward to change, challenges and many breaths of fresh air.


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