“Mom, do you want to dance?”

First day back to school, after a holiday weekend, it’s raining, storming and we are winding down with the school year. After some spaghetti and meatballs I am cleaning up , putting dishes in the dishwasher and our 12 year old son simply says, “Mom, do you want to dance?” I pause and first say, ” I’m cleaning up the dishes” then I think to myself, “reallly, forget the dishes, let’s dance.” I turn to him and say, ” Yeah, sure!” So he takes my hand and we do the TANGO a few times across the kitchen floor, then he switches and with his hand around my waist , he leads me into a few “spins”, or “twirls” then I spin him as we crack up laughing. I lead him and we switch to holding hands facing each other and bust out a 50’s, doo-wop kind of move with a kick in opposite directions. I don’t know how, yet we start to do a 2 step and then he is trying to “dip me.”  I am leary because I think he will drop me! He asks me to kick up my leg, as I go back the leg goes up and I am holding onto him for dear life. Yes, we are laughing hysterically because ‘ “IT IS FUNNY and IMPROMPTU and I MIGHT GET HURT!!”

I tell him that I don’t “trust him.” and he is surprised the face says, “what??!!” Now, our son is a big, solid strong 12 year old, yet…I am hesitant. Again, me thinking “REALLY?” He then tells me , “Mom, I am really good at trust falls, c’mon let me show you.” I say, “ok” and think to myself, “Really, if I can;t trust my son here, who can I trust. ” We do several  trust falls with him doing just fine, quite fine!!  I didn’t fall, or get hurt. Boy was this a “stress buster” , a great laugh. This moment all started with a question, a pause and a choice( the dishes can wait folks, no big deal). It’s all good, if you make it good!! So next time you want to break the tension, the stress, or just get a good ,healthy laugh…ask Mom (or Dad, or sister, or brother, or a friend) to dance!!! 


It’s all good!

It's all good!

This was an appropriate, classic gift I received from my Mom.  I use this phrase quite often  because I believe in life that  “It’s all good…if YOU MAKE IT GOOD!”  Yes, life has hurdles, valleys, lowpoints and it is stressful; however, it also has peaks, highpoints,sunrises,sunsets and so much more.  Much of life depends on what you choose to do with it all, how you choose to make it and how you perceive it all on a regular basis. I can choose to perceive life and the glass as half full, or I can choose to perceive life and the glass as half empty. I can also choose to look at life and the weather forecast as ” partly cloudy” , or ” partly sunny.” What IS your choice, what do you CHOOSE???


Cuz I’m Happy Driving in my Car….

” Do you ever take a drive, just to drive? Do you ever go, without knowing “where” you are going? Do you ever drive without being “connected?”, without the radio, cd, or ipod playlist playing ,or blaring? Perhaps you should try it. Drive to drive, drive to “quiet” yourself , drive to “take in” your surroundings, see what you do not normally see, hear what you do not normally hear because you are ” TOO BUSY” being distracted. Life can be pleasant, life can be beautiful, life can be enjoyable and life can be appreciated if we SIMPLY SLOW DOWN a few hundred paces…..” Try it, just once and I believe you will try it again…. 🙂

Past, present , future…

I was thinking about many things today about each of these points in time:  the past, the present and the future and wait…that was then and this is now. Yes, this is directly relevant to our stress folks. Snap, just like that! The Present is gone, it disappears on us just like that, in the blink of an eye, or less time. So, what do you do? Do you live in fear? They say that is living in the past and depression. Do you live in the future? They say that is living in the future and anxiety, Do you live in the present and what is that? Who are “they?” is also a question.

I say and I advise- do what you do best: live, breathe, eat, sleep, move, think, imagine,do, smile, laugh, create, give, and then do some more…now and later because what is past, is past. You can only learn from it if you choose to learn from it and become a better, more happy person because of the experience. You choose, you decide and make more of the “now and later” and only you make the past a disposable learning tool.