Go GUMBY Style!

BE LIke Gumby!

When I think of Gumby, I think of a flexible, bendable character from my childhood days. He was a cute, smiling little guy and perhaps we should all be a little bit more “flexible” in our daily routines and life events? Must we always WIN in an argument, or even a discussion that evolves into a difference of opinion?  Are we so rigid that we do not listen to the other person’s thoughts/feelings? Flexibility and adaptability to life situations can be quite effective to reduce one’s stress levels, plain and simple. Give it a try, keep Gumby in mind and work on that flexibility by stretching your thoughts , your mind,everyday and holding for 10 seconds prior to responding. Flexibility can be improved upon like all fitness components and in this sense it is no different, practice, practice, practice!!


EAT an Egg Consistently

Avacoda 'n egg wrap

Eggs are wonderful! Yes, an egg white provides about  6 grams of protein and 18% of your  Daily recommended Value of riboflavin and selenium and are low in fat, however…

The yolk is where lots of good “stuff” lies. Yes, it is in the yellow, runny part. It is serious , nutritional food for your brain that helps metabolism and immunity. The yolk provides Vitamins B12, A, D, E,  and K , Folate and pantothenic acid, zinc , and Omega 3- fatty acids which help brain function. The yolk also provides a large amount of choline which helps with memory function and cognitive response. Last , but not least, the eating of yolks  “ can reduce your stress level and prevent neurological disorders like depression, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.” (

The avocado, and the american cheese provide additional nutrients, dairy, flavor and more antioxidants to fight off those free radicals to help fight disease. The delicious wrap is made of teff- a high protein grain that contains the 8 essential amino acids  that we need. Those amino acids are the building blocks for protein and we do need protein to live well!

Egg-it-up!! Beat them up, blend them in a smoothie, fry them, scramble them…just eat them…CONSISTENTLY for the health of it!


Bursting!- See it, absorb it and spread it. Sunshine style !

Glaring Sunrise OCNJ 2013Majestically bursting with colorThe power of the sun , its radiance and warmth are so breathtaking and inspiring. If you acknowledge the power of nature and allow the power of it to affect you- you will probably be a happier,smiling person that day.You can choose to bestow some “sunshine” upon others too. AND…. the same can occur on a cloudy, rainy day because there is beauty, good and strength in that as well.  Go DISCOVER !

“Get the Clutter out!

Seriously, I believe we all need to do this more often,perhaps monthly. That is- clean up your room , your office, your “stuff” and throw it away, or put it in the right bin, or create a physical file . At the same time you may notice that your brain and it’s thoughts get ” uncluttered” along the way. What a stress reliever and feeling of accomplishment!!. If it takes longer than expected- So What!! Keep at it, keep throwing out, organizing, feel fantastic and GET THE CLUTTER OUT!!