” I am sorry” can be so easy.

Do you ever think in hindsight that saying ” I am sorry” was the right thing to do and you didn’t? These are 3 of the most courageous words you can ever say.They seem so difficult for some to even get out, yet they are also 3 of the most relieving,de-stressing, exhilirating words you can ever say too!! Think before you speak, think after you speak and try to think about putting these 3 words into your vocabulary more often. We are human, we make poor choices, we are at fault, we hurt others and we need to acknowledge that. You will be amazed how you lessen your stress simply by applying these 3 words when they are truly appllicable. Once you try it and experience the relief on your end and see the positive change in the other person- everything seems a little bit lighter, a little bit happier and little bit…less stressful. 🙂