Positive Self- Talk

Upon rising each morning and retiring each night and anywhere in between- remind yourself of how special you are, how capable you are and how effective you are in what you do in life, whatever that may be. Compliments can be hard to come by, so do not wait for them- give them to yourself when you know you are deserving. Compliments are tricky to give and receive because of how they can be perceived; however, when we give them to ourselves within our thoughts- they are safe and helpful to move forward.


Reminder- Make someone SMILE today!

Whatever it is that makes you feel special and unique, do some of that today and everyday. Do you say “please and thank you” regularly? Great, then do it some more. Do you hold doors open for people? Do you say “excuse me?”  Do you help your elders with bags ?? Do you smile at people, at strangers? Do you give compliments, sincere ones?  Do you cook, bake, or lend a hand for a friend in need??  Can you make people laugh? Do you give sound advice to help others? These are all wonderful and powerful actions that can cause someone  to SMILE and feel special, or appreciated. And, it makes you feel good too, go ahead, do it!! Each and everyday commit to this one small task.:)