Welcome to Simplify Your Stress, the informative, “action” boosting , “stress reducing” consultant business website by Michele Dunleavy,educator, coach, mentor and founder.  This service oriented business  offers essential information about stress and how to embrace it, accpt it and then basically take control of it for personal benefits.
The programs are varied and can begin with the basics and build upward from that point.

For WHOM are my services intended: Any one and everyone!  Parents, teachers, managers, CEO’s,GM’s,  coaches, secretaries, bankers, advisors… SimplifyYourStress is truly for all people because …STRESS IS NOT BIASSED!!

The “flaming” topics of interest include stress and relationships,stress and our diet, stress and illness, stress and time management, stress and communication skills and stress and anxiety. ALL are important and each topic is within your reach- “YOU HAVE MORE CONTROL THAN YOU CAN EVEN IMAGINE.”

It is simple from my perspective and I try to keep it simple because that is the essential key here.  NO!! It was not always simple for me.  I learned along the way, I educated myself, I chose to take action and I chose to take a grip of that which was in my control.Perception is the key ingredient though and extremely relevant to better managing your stress. Believe it or not,  self-esteem plays a role too.

Remember “it’s all good” if you choose to make it good. Choose optimism, stick with optimism, and stay the course.  Managing your personal stress is a skill that takes time to develop and can be achieved if you have patience with yourself, believe in your abilities and allow yourself the opportunity to succeed and fail. Allow yourself to explore/experience new avenues to handle your stress- GIVE IT A CHANCE, whatever the “IT” is.  Like so many skills in life, this takes time, effort, patience and an open -mind to master the management of one’s stress.

“THINK WELL, ACT WELL, BE WELL”- Simplifyyourstresss’s ultimate motto